Scott & Race w/ Black Rat Snake
Green Turtle
Race Tucker with a keeper Black Sea Bass off Block Island this past November 2014. But where did this species come from and why are we catching it? Click on the image to learn more.
Block Island "South Side"
Spotted Salamander Eggs
Spring Peeper
Wood Frog
Scott Tucker prepares to make his historic solo journey to Goose Island.
Mako Shark off Block Island, RI
Scott & Race Tucker - Smooth Dogfish "catch and release"
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Spotted Salamander Rescue



Expedition Earth slated for Costa Rica’s “Osa Peninsula” spring 2015!

Thanks to generous support of Tres Palmas and Tropic Fins Scott Tucker is on target to deliver another wild \ documentary about one of the few truly untouched cloud forests in world.

Expedition New England ranks as  the #6 most popular download on in the entire nation!  Over 170 stations have broadcast our documentaries over the past 5 years!

Have a look at some video “bottom of the page.”

We are a 501c3  non-profit organization whose purpose is to produce powerfully entertaining educational video about wildlife and the people dedicated to protecting it as well as inspire unity, respect and conservation for all life on earth.  Our office is located at 284 Mungertown Road, Madison, CT.   All donations are tax deductible as per 501c3 non-profit federal law however should a donor request a refund with-in 48 hours funds will be returned minus a 10% handling fee.

Help prevent extinction!

Each spring New England plays host to a remarkable rebirth of our amphibians. Every nocturnal rain event we examine wetland areas for Spotted Salamanders. To learn more contact Scott Tucker

Beavertail Rhode Island

Explore the marine environment in New England as Scott leads an expedition off the coast of Rhode Island. to reserve a spot on this adventure;

Rescue Sea Turtles on the Cape

November thru December 2014 Cape Cod, MA - Dec. 5,6,7 Contact Scott for more information at